Private Trading Consulting

Zen Trading occasionally accepts clients for private consulting.

If you are a trader just starting out, or even an experienced trader but just not achieving the consistent successful results you want and deserve, we will help you cross that bridge from where you are now to where you want to be.

One Change In Your Trading Usually Makes All The Difference:

Traders are so much closer than they may realize to having the consistent trading success and profits they want. There is usually one simple, yet life-altering trading change to make that makes all the difference.

With our trading consulting, you can ask any question regarding trading.

We can discuss the technicals involved in trading, algorithmic and quantitative trading, types of strategies, entry criteria, exit conditions, stop losses, risk management, helpful tools, strategies and indicators, psychology, what may work extremely well for you based on what you want to achieve, the pros and cons and trade-offs of everything in between, and/or anything else that you want to talk about.

We can guide you how to create and set up strategies and indicators that will accomplish any trading objectives you have. We understand everyone’s objectives in trading are different. We can also help with Tradingview and complete trading automation of your trading ideas and strategies.

We also understand how to possibly access additional trading capital based on your situation and objectives.

The Trading Issue Traders Face:

The issue for the overwhelming majority of traders is that it can be very difficult to look at themselves and see what their trading roadblocks are; given the vast amount of information and methods of trading that are available out there.

It can be very confusing and a trader may not know what exactly to really focus on based on themselves. This is why hiring an mentor that has been there and done it on the highest level to talk through your process can be the final way to break through the current trading barriers holding you back from the success you deserve.

This will save you years of trial and error and costly trading mistakes that are just not necessary for you to endure. Instead of losing another trade, consider investing the money into yourself through trading consulting.

Trading Consulting Options

Telephone / Recorded Skype / Zoom Consulting:

Price: USD $500 / hour 

Rounding up to 15 minute increments, payable in advance.

In-Person Consulting:

Price: USD $5,000 – payable in advance.

Typically, in San Diego, near La Jolla Beach, on two consecutive days, for a total of ten hours.

Trading Consulting Recommendation:

Send in your questions by e-mail to [email protected] before the consultation so we can think about your trading objectives before speaking with you.

Trading Consulting

Trading Limitations & Disclosures

Zen Trading Strategies does not provide market-specific trading suggestions nor parameter-specific system recommendations.

Zen Trading Strategies does not offer specific trading advice, nor recommend specific trading system parameters, nor post trader performance, nor make predictions, nor tell people what they should do nor shouldn’t do.

Consulting does not confer any subsequent right for you to imply any kind of endorsement by Zen Trading Strategies of you nor any of your products nor operations.

Zen Trading Strategies offers general counseling about issues the client presents.

Zen Trading Strategies makes no guarantees about any kind of result.

Tell Us What You'd Like To Accomplish With Your Trading

To apply for private consulting, send a detailed description to us below of what you wish to accomplish in your trading. Please explain where you are with your trading, what you’re looking to achieve, where you want to be, and when you want to be there:


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